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Global Education 12

At this time we are taking a break from overseas trips.
Through the Gloabl Education program we sent students abroad to experience travel, another culture, and volunteer their time with a group of people who are less fortunate than we are. In 2008 we sent a group of students to Peru; in 2010 we sent a group of students to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico; in 2012 we sent a group of students to China; and in March 2014 we sent students to Guatemala.
Global Education 12 is a locally developed, interdisciplinary course designed to challenge students interested in current global issues, students considering a career in international and/or community affairs, and students interested in participating in a unique field trip experience.
The course starts with a study of current global issues.  Then the focus of the course shifts to a specific developing nation: this year’s country is China. Students will immerse themselves in the makeup of the selected country by studying the history, economics, politics, geography, culture, religion, arts, and the language of the selected country.  A community service learning project will be established, with students participating in all aspects of the planning and preparation.  The purpose of the project will be to contribute to and learn from a community in a developing nation.  During Spring Break, students will travel to the host country and participate in a working field trip.  Upon their return, students will have the opportunity to share their experiences with various community groups here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
The Global Education class is not meeting this year. Stay tuned for future details. 
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Application Process
This program has been offered every second year at USS. We are presently taking a break from our trips. Our next overseas trip may be in the spring of 2019.
Students in grade 11 and 12 can apply for the program.
Application forms will be available in May 2018 at the school’s office.
Applicants need to return their completed form before the deadline date. Usually the application deadline is mid-May.
Before the end of that school year applicants will attend interviews set up by the course instructor. All applicants will be notified by the instructor in June 2018 if they will have been accepted into the upcoming course.
The parents or guardians of each successful applicant will need to attend an information meeting with the instructor which will be held in June 2018. at that meeting parents and students will be given an overview of the course and will plan fundraising activities that students will need to participate over the summer months.
The course runs during the first semester of school year with the trip taking place in the second semester.