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Kayaking 11/12

Kayaking 11/12 exposes students to kayaking as a pastime, and as a career. Students will focus on learning basic and advanced kayaking techniques and practicing leadership skills. They will learn how to manage groups of people and communicate clearly. The course will focus on water safety, wilderness first aid, boat handling skills, outdoor skills, camping skills, problem solving skills, and leadership skills. A focus on human and natural history of the local area that students are exploring is also included. The course provides an opportunity for students to build confidence and self-esteem.
Because the two courses involve some weekend time and after school time both courses are taken in the same semester. Students must complete of all units within the Kayaking 11 course before planning for and participating in the Kayaking 12 trip.                                                          
Kayaking 11/12 develops and strengthens students’ general knowledge and critical thinking skills. It also builds self-confidence, fosters a sense of belonging, increases physical activity, and increases student motivation by teaching strategies the students need to be successful when dealing with a wide variety of obstacles. Students become connected to their learning, the educational system, the community’s needs, and their future by learning about and developing skills that can enable them to work in a growing career area.
Through the Kayaking 11/12 course students have the opportunity to earn the following certifications: Basic Wilderness First Aid, Canadian Recreational Canoe Association (CRCA) Level 1 Skills certificate, Restricted Marine Radio Operator Certificate, and Day-Guide Certificate. This sets students up for the potential of immediate employment in a growing industry. Kayak guides are in high demand in our area.
Kayaking 11/12
Program Sponsors Application Process

​Each year we have several organizations who support this program financially. We couldn't run the program without their support and greatly appreciate this support.

The sponsors for the 2017 kayaking class were:

Paddle West Kayaking

USS Parent Advisory Council

Chris Lefevre

Majestic Kayaking

Ucluelet Co-op

Brooks Fund

Crystal Cove Resort

Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

District of Ucluelet

and School District 70.

We are always looking for new partners for this program. If you wish to support this program this year or in upcoming years please contact Principal Carol Sedgwick at csedgwick@sd70.bc.ca or 250-726-7796. 

This program can only accommodate eight students each year. Students in grade 11 and 12 can apply for the program.

At the beginning of each school year application forms are available at the school’s office.

Applicants need to return their completed form with a reference letter attached to it before the deadline date. Usually the application deadline is mid-September.

Before the end of September applicants will attend interviews set up by the course instructors. All applicants will be notified by the instructors before the end of September if they will have been accepted into the upcoming course.

The parents or guardians of each successful applicant will need to attend an information meeting with the instructors which will be held prior to the start of the course.

The course runs during the second semester of each school year